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Why You Should Review Your Homeowners Policy


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It’s easy to get copies of your policies in the mail, skim them, then file or throw them out each year.  We all do it.  But, our advise is to carefully and thoroughly review your policies, especially your homeowners policy, ever year and here are 3 reasons why.

  1. Updates and Improvements.  Anytime you make any changes, renovations, or improvements to your house, you need to let your agent know.  A policy update may need to be made including increasing your home’s replacement cost.   Insurance companies require that you are insured to value, so be sure to let us know if any changes were made.
  2. Valuable Items.  Think of all of the events and holidays that occur throughout the year.  Did you receive jewelry for your birthday?  A new mountain bike?  Artwork?  Instruments?  Sometimes, these valuable items are specifically insured (or scheduled) on your homeowners policy. In order to receive full replacement value on them, you will need to let your agent know to add these to your policy.
  3. Are you Missing Discounts?  Insurance companies give discounts for various things like the type of construction of your home, alarm systems, age of roof and more.  If you have put on a new roof, added an alarm system or any other security measures you have put into place, let your agent know.