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Simplify Your Life: Work with an Insurance Agent


Over the weekend, I was sitting with a friend from out of town when an insurance commercial came on the television. Naturally, our conversation went from discussing our new favorite shows to talking about insurance. He told me that his roof was recently replaced due to damage. “It was so easy,” he said. “I have great coverage. I’ve worked with the same agent in my community for over 15 years and he’s really helpful.” My friend continued listing all the reasons he uses an agent…

“I like having all of my insurance in one place.”

“On my roof claim, my agent dealt with the insurance company so I didn’t have to. It saved me a lot of time.”

“I’ve worked with my agent since I bought my first house so he knows exactly what coverage I need.”

No need to convince me! Sounds like some of the same reasons our customers choose to work with us!

Have you noticed how many insurance commercials are on TV these days? It’s overwhelming! There are a lot of questions that pop up when it comes to buying insurance. Some companies may offer quick online quotes but do you really know what kind of coverage you’re getting or what kind of company you’ll be working with? We can quote multiple companies quickly to find the best coverage and prices for you.

Insurance is a complicated business. But, as my friend was saying, it doesn’t have to be when you use an agent! Having a licensed, informed agent to keep your policies updated with adequate coverage offers peace of mind so you have one less thing to worry about, like an unexpected roof claim. Sure, you can try to tackle it alone but why go through the trouble when you can have someone do it for you! From finding the right coverage, to filing claims, to making changes or adding new policies, let us help simplify your life!