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Renter’s Insurance: Protect Your Stuff


‘Tis the season of college graduations. Over the next few months, many students will begin new jobs and (finally) be able to afford their own place. As parents breathe a sigh of relief, we say not so fast. Those new graduates may need a little extra help as they strike out on their own. Navigating the tranHappy Couple Dream New Homesition into officially becoming an adult can be overwhelming but we’re here to help with at least one decision: renter’s insurance.┬áDon’t worry, it’s cheap!

The landlord’s insurance does not protect a renter’s belongings. Do a quick inventory and give us your best estimate of your contents. A good way to do this (and have a record of your belongings) is to take a video tour. We talked about that┬álast month.

Renter’s insurance also covers personal liability. From an accident at your new home to social media slander, personal liability’s got you covered. Entering a new chapter in your life is exciting! Start out right – protecting yourself from the risk of an incident that could damage your reputation for years.