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Get Low and Go!


Another year, another Operation EDITH presentation. Last week, we visited two schools in our community to teach students the importance of fire safety. Operation EDITH (Exit Drill In The Home), is a program started by the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina that encourages families to establish an escape plan in their homes in case of a fire.

Remember, talk to your kids about fire prevention and establish a fire safety plan for your family!

Fire Safety: 5 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

  1. Talk to your kids about staying safe.
  2. Create and practice an exit plan with your family.
  3. Establish a meeting point outside the home and make sure all members of your family know where it is.
  4. Teach your child to “get low and go” to stay away from smoke and make a quick exit.
  5. Test your smoke detectors regularly.

These students were so attentive as Sara read about the Great Chicago Fire.

These students were very attentive as Sara read about the Great Chicago Fire.



Each year, the “get low and go” game is a class favorite.


Visiting local schools to present Operation EDITH is just one of many ways we give back to our community.


After having so much fun with these guys, we couldn’t leave without taking a silly photo.

Watch our video to learn more about Operation EDITH: