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Calling All Millennials



As a fellow millennial, I know sometimes it’s hard to think that anything can happen to us.  We’re young, we’re educated, and we’ve grown up in the digital age where everything is at our fingertips.  But with the staggering statistics about how under-insured millennials are, it’s time to get real about insurance and why you need it.

What is insurance anyway?


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Why do I need it?

Everyone needs some type of insurance, but the right insurance for you and your situation is going to be different from others.   Are you renting?  Then you need renter’s insurance to protect your personal liability and your belongings.  (btw, it’s inexpensive!) Do you own a car? You need auto insurance.   Do you have any or enough health insurance?  Starting a business? Own a home? Getting married? Having a baby?  Changing careers?  These are all times in your life when you need to re-evaluate your insurance plan!

Insurance is too expensive!

It’s not!  Insurance can be very affordable.  Even though you are bombarded with advertisements from State Farm, Nationwide and others telling you how cheap their insurance is, it doesn’t mean they are the cheapest option.   Quite often, they aren’t!  Working with independent agents like us mean that we can quote with a lot of different companies to make sure you are getting the best coverage and deal.  We also put you first, not the company!

Insurance is a Safety Net

As you grow in your career, build savings, buy a home, start a family, or wherever life is leading you, the fact is you are building something that is yours.  The only way and the best way to protect what you are building is through the appropriate insurance policy to fit your individual needs.

Talk, Yes Talk, with Us!

Insurance is not one size fits all, so it really is best to actually talk to someone about your insurance needs.  That doesn’t mean things won’t happen quickly. (we use docusign, set up online billing, handle things via text message, whatever works for you!) But it does mean that we can get to know you and really make sure you have the best insurance package for your needs.    Bonus, we can help you with all of your insurance needs!  One stop shop!