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A Lesson from Lily


I just can’t resist a post about our beloved “greeter” Lily.  She’s the 4 year old, shih tzu/poodle mix you can find at our office eager to greet you at the front door and accompany you to your meeting with one of us.

Lily Feb 2012

Most of the time, Lily is full of energy and ready to play and run.

Lily April 2012

After a long day at the office (and sometimes during the day–shh, don’t tell the boss)  you can find her doing this.


Regardless, Lily has a way of putting a smile on even the saddest face and making grown men resort to baby talk and cuddling.  I truly think there is a lesson we can learn from Lily (and all dogs or pets for that matter).  Life is meant to be enjoyed, regardless of our circumstances.   And yes, I am going to tie this into insurance (briefly).  It’s fitting that Lily is on the payroll as we feel it is our duty to be that positive burst of energy during some really difficult times in life.  Even when times aren’t as tough, we can help eliminate some worry by making sure your insurance needs are met so that you can enjoy life to the fullest!

We absolutely love our little Lily and the happiness she brings to our life.   (And who can resist the snaggle tooth?  C’mon, we all wish we had such a trademark look!)

Happy Monday!