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7 Things to Know About Life Insurance


We are committed to making sure you are well informed about your personal insurance policies and life insurance is part of your comprehensive insurance plan.  In 2015, we are making it a priority to talk with our clients about life insurance.  If you already have a policy, we will make a note of that in your file.  If you don’t have a policy, let us help!  There are so many different kinds of life insurance policies.  And, guess what, it can be VERY affordable!  Here are 7 things to know about life insurance.

1.  Start Here! Most people put off buying life insurance because they don’t know how much they really need.  Use this calculator to help determine how much life insurance you need to protect your family and loved ones.

2. Life insurance can be affordable!  Especially if you start a policy when you are young.


3. Show me the money.  Did you know Whole Life and Universal Life policies build cash value?

4. Watch this client’s true story on why they bought life insurance!

5.  Life insurance can be flexible and can change as your needs change in life!


6.  5 Times in Life to Consider Life Insurance or Reassess your Current Policy.

  1. Marriage
  2. Having a Baby
  3. Starting a Business (especially if you have business partners)
  4. Grandchildren
  5. Retirement

7. Start your kids on the right path!  Did you know that there are children’s whole life insurance policies?  These are a great way to establish your child’s insurability, but it also builds cash value and even doubles in value over time without you having to pay a higher premium.